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Evaluation Tool Basket Request Form

Thank you so much for enquiring about the RRC’s Evaluation Tool Basket; we were overwhelmed by the response to its announcement and very excited by the prospect of piloting the tools. For our own files, we do have a few questions regarding your work. If you could complete the following questions, that would be most helpful.

If you have any questions about using the tools, we are available for support. Simply contact us at rrc@dal.ca with your questions or feedback.


First Name
Last Name
Email address

What is the name of the program or service you want to evaluate?

What is the focus or goal of the program being evaluated?

Where is the program or service provided?

What is/are the target population(s) of the program / who will be asked to participate in the evaluation?

What is the total length of time that the program or service has been operating?
How many staff does your program or organization employ?
Approximately how much does the program or service cost to operate on an annual basis?
Has your program or organization been evaluated before?
Yes, externally
Yes, internally
No, never
I agree that by requesting the evaluation tools someone from the Resilience Research Centre may contact me for feedback regarding the tools.
Yes, I agree
I would like to be a part of piloting the evaluation tools. I understand that this will involve providing more detailed information about my use of the tools, the evaluation, and the data collected. Someone from the Resilience Research Centre can contact me to discuss this further.
Yes, please contact me about piloting the evaluation tools
No thank you, but I wish you luck!

Anyone who agrees to pilot the tools can participate to the extent that they are comfortable. We require assistance with regards to the following:

  1. Feedback on the various documents regarding their
    1. ease of access (can you understand the information presented?)
    2. ease of use (how easy is it to adapt the tools to your context and to use them?)
  2. Respondent feedback regarding
    1. how easy it was to understand what was asked of them/the questions
    2. how easy was it for participants to provide responses
  3. Ease of analysis (once data has been gathered how easy is it to analyse and interpret the results?)
  4. Utility of the data and emergent findings (do these tools provide your organisation with useful information?)
  5. Any suggestions for improvements.
  6. Sharing data